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Hello kind readers,

Unfortunately, I have to announce that the Fall 2013 edition of Little Witch Magazine has been delayed by a week due to personal circumstances. I must also inform you that I, as founder of Little Witch, have decided that the coming issue will be the last. I'm very sorry to see the magazine go, but due to dastic changes in my religious and personal life, I no longer have the time and motivation to give Little Witch my all.

We have had three wonderful years, and I want to thank my writers, guest writers, and readers for the journey that we had together. I am so proud of the magazines out there, and these will remain accessable at www.littlewitchmagazine.com, at least for now.

I am going to miss the magazine, and working on it, but we will round off the collection with a bang! The final edition will be a great one, and I am proud to share it with you.

With gratitude,
Elani Temperance

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