Spring 2013

The third Spring magazine focuses on Spring goodness and outdoor activities. How about tips and tricks on starting your own garden? Or on how to create an outdoor altar for worship or ritual? We talk about the way deity is depicted withing the Neo-Pagan community, and about the function of the Pagan label. We also have a guest writer, Vernon McNew, who will introduce Asatru. Linda shares her love for the Carr-Gomm plants and animal oracle of the druids.
Enjoy the read!

Spring 2012

It's Spring again. Delicious. It's actual Springtime too; bright sun but just cold enough to need a jacket when stepping out to explore the world. We are itching to clean and to make plans. Delicious!
In this edition of Little Witch magazine we talk about Neo-Pagan ethics, sacred texts and laws and of course we talk about Spring. We delve deeper into Ostara and Beltane and this time our story features the Greenwood Marriages of Beltane.
We look beyond the divinatory possibilities of the runes by exploring their use in magick and healing and look back on the very successful Imbolc celebration we organized with Lunadea.nl. This issue we end our special on hoodoo.
Enjoy the read and as always, we would love to hear from you!

Spring 2011

It's spring, finally! The winter months were long and harsh. We've braced snow and freezing temperatures but now Ostara has come to the lands. The sun will gather in strength and we get to bask in His glow again. When you're done enjoying that sun, take some time to read LWM's second edition. It'll help you appreciate the season so much more. We talk about Ostara and Beltane, about the influence of the Golden Mean in our lives and about setting up your first altar. We have interviewed Shamanist Linda Wormhoudt and share with you the story of how Ostara took a little bird and created the tradition of egg hunts. Enjoy and Blessed Be! Thank you for reading!

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