Fall 2013

With the third Fall magazine, the third year of Little Witch has ended, and it also signals the end of Little Witch magazine as a whole. We have had a fantastic ride, and this issue is no different. Herb and herbologist lovers will get their fill this issue, we talk about magick, and if it's all between the ears and the difficulties of interfaith work. Enjoy it, and thank you for joing thie ride all these years.

Fall 2012

Another year has passed since the last fall magazine. It's fall again, the season of brilliant colors, excessive gardening and the slowing down of nature. And, of course, of the new issue of Little Witch magazine.

In this Little Witch magazine we discuss, the Autumnal season, the proper pronunciation of witchy words, making amulets, the Evil Eye and the legend of Loki, who cut off the hair of the Goddess Sif. We also review the Sarina Star's fantastic children's book: The Magic Pica's, and Abe van der Veen's 'De Symboliek van Bomen'.

Enjoy the read! We will see you again in winter.

Fall 2011

It's the Fall again and we're looking forward to it! Going outside to collect nuts and berries, cook delicious meals and enjoy the terrible weather. This Little Witch magazine is especially designed for these types of evening; cold and rainy outside and warm and cozy inside.

This Little Witch magazine we talk about the Fall, the feasts of Mabon and Samhain which belong in the season, we create a top ten of Neo-pagan chants and we talk about the practice of Hoodoo and what it can add to Neo-paganism. We also talk about the truth behind the Burning Times and talk about T. E. Lovelock's Gaia Theory.

We wish you a lot of reading pleasure and we hope to see you in Winter!

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